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Plastic Plants


Giant Floating Bamboo Plant
Giant Floating Bamboo Plants are a rich full plant shape that gently float on the water’s surface or can be wrapped around craggy surfaces of rock and wood. 3-Foot long, they provide shelter and protection for fish, reptiles, or amphibians. They look great anchored to the bottom of deep tanks and gently waving towards the surface!

GIANT FLOATING BAMBOO                                   Our Price:$16.99      Qty:

Tetra WaterWonders Plants

In nature, fish and plants share the ecosystem in harmony. In the home aquarium, hobbyists strive for the beauty of a water-world as nature intended. For enjoyable viewing, plants are placed in both the foreground and background of the aquarium. They provide shelter for newborn and smaller fish in a community tank. Leaves of some plants are used by fish as a safe, mid-tank place to deposit eggs, away from bottom feeders and hidden from predators.
 Live plants come with a price that beginners and many hobbyists aren't willing to pay. Growing aquarium plants can be difficult in water purified by filters and often treated with chemicals and medications.
Tetra's aquarium plants are so incredibly realistic. They give beauty to the aquarium and create a natural-looking habitat. They provide shelter for newborn fish and eggs. Like the leaves of natural aquatic plants, Plantastic® fronds, leaves and delicate stems wave gently in the wake of busy fish, bubbling filters, and air stones.

ANACHARIS 6"                                                            Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

ANACHARIS 9"                                                            Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

ANACHARIS 12"                                                          Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

ANACHARIS 18"                                                          Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

AMBULIA 6"                                                                  Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

AMBULIA 9"                                                                  Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

AMBULIA 12"                                                                Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

AMBULIA 18"                                                                Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

CABOMBA 6"                                                                Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

CABOMBA 9"                                                                Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

CABOMBA 12"                                                              Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

CABOMBA 18"                                                              Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

CARDAMINE 6"                                                             Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

CARDAMINE 9"                                                             Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

CARDAMINE 12"                                                           Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

CARDAMINE 18"                                                           Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

CORKSCREW VAL 6"                                                 Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

CORKSCREW VAL 9"                                                 Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

CORKSCREW VAL 12"                                               Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

CORKSCREW VAL 18"                                               Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

FOXTAIL 6"                                                                    Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

FOXTAIL 9"                                                                    Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

FOXTAIL 12"                                                                  Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

FOXTAIL 18"                                                                  Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

GREEN BACOPA 6"                                                      Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

GREEN BACOPA 9"                                                      Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

GREEN BACOPA 12"                                                    Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

GREEN BACOPA 18"                                                    Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

HAIR GRASS 6"                                                             Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

HAIR GRASS 9"                                                             Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

HAIR GRASS 12"                                                           Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

HORNWORT 6"                                                             Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

HORNWORT 9"                                                             Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

HORNWORT 12"                                                           Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

HORNWORT 18"                                                           Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

HYGROPHILA 6"                                                           Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

HYGROPHILA 9"                                                           Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

HYGROPHILA 12"                                                         Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

HYGROPHILA 18"                                                         Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

JUNGLE VAL 6"                                                             Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

JUNGLE VAL 9"                                                             Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

JUNGLE VAL 12"                                                           Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

JUNGLE VAL 18"                                                           Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

MONEYWORT 6"                                                           Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

MONEYWORT 9"                                                           Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

MONEYWORT 12"                                                         Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

MONEYWORT 18"                                                         Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

RED LUDWIGIA 6"                                                         Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

RED LUDWIGIA 9"                                                         Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

RED LUDWIGIA 12"                                                       Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

RED LUDWIGIA 18"                                                       Our Price:$7.99     Qty:

ROTALA 6"                                                                      Our Price:$1.99     Qty:

ROTALA 9"                                                                      Our Price:$2.99     Qty:

ROTALA 12"                                                                    Our Price:$4.99     Qty:

ROTALA 18"                                                                    Our Price:$7.99     Qty: